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Pollution Prevention and Waste Reduction

As a responsible company, AirBoss is committed to the protection of the environment, the health and safety of our employees, customers and the community where we work and live, and to fulfilling our compliance obligations.

We recognize that the activities of our business cannot be separated from the impact on the natural environments in which we operate. AirBoss believes that it is every employee's responsibility to be committed to the protection of the environment.

Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and to strive for continual improvement in our facility operations, processes, products and environmental management systems, in order to enhance our environmental performance and bring sustainable social and ecological benefits wherever possible.

AirBoss pays close attention to our environmental performance in three critical categories: air, water and waste. We strive to meet or exceed all federal, provincial and municipal guidelines for emissions and water discharge. We've also made major strides over the past few years minimizing the waste we send to landfill. Scrap rubber, our single largest waste material, is routinely sent to developing nations where it is re-purposed for use in footwear and other items. All packaging waste is compacted and recycled. We recycle wood, metal, and glass. Our Kitchener and Scotland Neck locations are certified under ISO 14001, a management system which helps businesses reduce their impact on the environment.

Toxic Reduction Plan Summary


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