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The formula for our success is innovation and integrity. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality rubber compounds as well as rubber molded products, we are committed to the highest industry standards of transparency and regulatory compliance.

Our Corporate Governance policies and practices affirm our values and commitment to transparency, and set out the guidelines that form the foundation for our dealings among each other and with others.

The Board maintains the exercise of independent supervision over management and assumes full responsibility for the stewardship of the Company.

The Board reviews the overall financial position of the Company and each of its business segments, business plans (including strategic business issues) and operating risks. The Board, through its Audit Committee, reviews internal controls and management information systems issues. In addition to those matters which must be approved by the Board by law, significant business activities, actions and communications proposed to be taken or submitted by the Company are subject to Board approval.

Another function of the Board is to monitor the conduct of the Company, its management and employees to ensure compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. The Board must also satisfy itself as to the integrity of the Company’s management and strives to uphold a culture of integrity and ethical business conduct in all of the Company’s dealings.

An overview of our corporate governance practices is included in the Management Information Circular. The following represents key policies, mandates and charters the Company has adopted to provide a good system of Corporate Governance to the benefit of its stakeholders:

Corporate Disclosure Policy

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Whistleblower Policy

Board of Directors Mandate

Audit Committee Charter

Compensation Committee Mandate

Nominating and Corporate Governance

Majority Voting Policy

Joint Board Chair and Lead Director Mandate

AirBoss of America By-Laws

AirBoss of America Articles

Advance Notice By-Law


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